About Us

We are a team of an experienced engineers working on development of internet of things (IOT) based solutions and products. We thought of supporting the IOT developer community by sharing the knowledge we gained for the past few years. We will contribute to the companies and developer communities with latest technology explorations. As the name suggests, the Gyan (Knowledge) of IoT & its associated technologies will be available here, learn it and build it.

I am a beginner – Want to Explore IOT

Welcome to IoT Gyan, you are at the right destination. Refer the full stack of IoT starting from Sensors & Devices, IoT Gateways, IoT Platforms, IoT Communication, IoT Technologies, IoT Products and IoT Applications. Have a look at IoT prototypes developed by our team to get an idea of various usecases. If you are excited but doesn’t know where to start? Enroll for the training programs; explore our video lectures and learning resources provided for rapid IoT prototype development.

I am a Developer – Want to build some IOT Usecase

Hey, Greetings from IoT Gyan. We made lot of interesting stuff for you. Explore the end-to-end IoT usecases developed by us to get an idea of prototyping. You can build your idea with the help of our modules, let’s get started with the learning resources provided for you. If you are looking for specific knowledge on IoT, enroll for the class room or online IoT training. Our experience can provide you a deep dive into the technology with less time for development.

I represent a Company – Want to provide a solution to my client or build IoT business

Warm welcome from IoT Gyan, your search ends here. Let’s explore our range of PoC’s (proof-of-concepts), definitely you will find a match for your client requirement. We provide the best end-to-end solution at an affordable pricing added with innovation. Our expertise in IoT & associated technologies can provide you a best solution for your customer needs.

If you are good at IT business and want to transform to IoT business? IoT Gyan helps you to achieve it without much hassle and within short span of time. Our dedicated workforce will help your company, Starting from sharing knowledge through corporate trainings, building IoT Labs, technical support for your PoC’s.

Iam a Customer – Want to Deploy any IOT Solution

We care for our valuable customers. We are not a product vendor, not a platform vendor, not a software vendor. We are a solution provider and system integrator, we suggest you the best out of the IoT World, We build a best solution for your requirement. Our partnerships and technology exploration suggests the better product or solution for all your IoT needs. We have capability of customizing any things starting from IoT Hardware, IoT Software and IoT Platform to applications as per your needs. We will provide you the variety of models with our assessment of each interms of technology competency and financial competency (Cost & RoI on deployment). Let’s get in touch with our experts….


Pavan Kuralla

Director - BizDev& Finance

Is a Biz Dev and Finance Director of SmartBridge. Has a BE from MIT and MBA from Manipal. Gold medalist in Engineering. Has around 20 years of experience of which around 16 yrs in IT in various capacities with Microsoft, Wipro, Ramco Systems etc. Recipient of multiple awards during the tenure with Microsoft and Wipro. Has worked in US and Middle East.

Suman Akula

Director - US Operations

Suman Akula, is the Director of SmartBridge and the key person in leading SmartBridge’s IoT operations from US. He possesses over 15 years of hands-on experience in Software Development. He is the CEO of [S]cube Enterprises, Albany, NY. COO and Co-founder of Sageble Technologies, Hyderabad.

Amarender Katkam

Director - Technical

Amarender Katkam, Director of SmartBridge and the person behind the vision. He had more than 9 years of experience in design & developement of electronic control systems. Previously he worked as Scientific Officer with Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited. He is also the director of an engineering company, VSES INDIA PVT. LTD.

Ramakrishna Ponnala

Director - BizDev

RamaKrishna, is a key person in the area of Business Development. He holds a BE from MIT, Manipal and MBA from Oklahoma City University, USA. Ramakrishna has 20 Yrs. of varied experience in the areas of Technology, Health care, Insurance and IT services in USA and India. He is CEO of Tirumala Group of companies and founder of Green global infra engineers.


Narsimulu Marepalli

Senior Manager

Rupika Ramu

Business Development Manager

Sandeep Doodigani

Senior Android Developer

Nagarjuna Madluri

Senior Web Developer

Nemuri Harinath Divya

IOT Engineer

Swathi Annamaneni

Web Developer

Mahankali Surya Tej

IOT Engineer

Akshay Kumar Kothuri

Embedded Developer

Harish Kumar Rachuri

Embedded Developer

Gurram Nikhil

Junior IOT Engineer

Durga Prasad Bethi

Design Engineer

Aloori Sridhar

Junior Embedded Developer

Vinay kumar Nomula

Jr. IOT Engineer